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-=-= Night of Teh Horror Once Forgotten =-=- by FoxValoKne -=-= Night of Teh Horror Once Forgotten =-=- by FoxValoKne
:iconfoxgrrplz: <( Ohmuguh did this take a long time )
:iconfoxhahaplz: <( I was trying to aim for Spoop Fest, but missed it by 11 days )
:iconfoxwhoopsplz: <( Anywho )
:iconfoxhappyplz: <( I hope yeh enjoyed this as much as I did making this )
:iconfoxcryplz: <( -Pain in teh arse I tells yeh, 6.5 lights, 4 particles equaling teh size of teh map I used, 36+ models in teh view-frame, teh tf2 team, an' a whole lot of element-viewer edits to each of the 36+ models/characters- )
:iconfoxwhaplz: <( There was something else I was going to put here, I'll prob'ly add et when I remember whot et was )
:icondeadfoxplz: <( -plep- )
:iconfoxghostplz: <( There be links below to mai previous posters I made in teh past )

>>>------>… <--- TF2 Pose Replacement thing-uh-mah-jig ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- Heist Shopping Spree ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- Poker Night for Teh Unusuals  ---<<<

:iconfoxydummyplz: <( I dun own any of teh models/base characters {The Original TF2 characters I mean, but the things on them ish whot I posed together, still dun own them, but the blueprints of their current structure of items/hats/misc, mai POV of whot they look like basically }/maps, I just make them into whot yeh see!!! )
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November 11, 2016
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